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An invitiation to wholeness and growth in God.Expand your field of vision...
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An invitation to wholeness and growth in God. 

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Do you ever feel like you are waking up in the middle of a situation and

cannot figure out how you got there or how to go forward? Sometimes it seems like we are at the mercy of our life's circumstances without support

or a clear sense of direction. I am Dawn Richa, founder of encompass care & counseling and I have been there – seeking answers in the same narrow

worn-out places, all the while missing the bigger picture of who I was and

who God created me to be. Learning to be intentional about expanding our field of vision can open our eyes to see the same issues with fresh

perspective. I am so glad you are here and would love to partner with you

to explore a broader view of possibilities for your life. 

encompass [en-kuhm-puhs] to form a circle about; to include or surround

The encompass logo is a reminder that we are encircled by the love of God and embraced in every aspect of our lives, even the areas we hide from our own awareness or deem off limits to God. It is from this sense of being upheld and supported that we can begin to truly and actively participate in our ongoing, lifelong, growth and transformation. The offerings of encompass care &counseling are crafted to give you conversation partners, support, and practical tools to expand your awareness of yourself, God and others, and to begin to live fully as your authentic self.



Dawn's approach to counseling is grounded in kindness, woven with compassion, and wrapped in grace. She has brought a sense of peace and comfort to my life by listening and providing a simple guidance that has helped shift my awareness across all of my relationships, including the relationship with myself. I cannot recommend her enough, and am thankful to have found her! -D.T.

Dawn has helped me work thorough one of the most challenging seasons of my life. I am so thankful for her calming presence and gentle guidance and support through periods of grief, anxiety, personal achievement and growth. -M.M.

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