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common questions

  • What is Whole-person Soul Care and how is is different than Christian Counseling?
    Whole-person soul care is a type of helping that is intentionally centered on the support and nurturing growth of the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. Whole-person soul care supports a growing awareness of God's presence in our lives and how that knowledge affects all our concerns both spiritual and psychological (psychospiritual). Christian Counseling is often sought as a means to solve or manage a crisis or address a clinical concern from a faith-based perspective. Whole-person soul care provides Christian nurture and support for the individual who wishes to hear God more clearly in all areas of their lives.
  • What is the Enneagram?
    The Enneagram is a tool for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 personality types. The term Enneagram translated from Greek simply means Enna=9 Gram=figure or diagram. Read more here.
  • What is Enneagram Coaching and why do I need it?
    The Enneagram is a wonderful tool that can help you to actively participate in your own psychospiritual growth and formation and allow you to see yourself and others with fresh perspective. Choosing to work with a trained Enneagram Coach gives you a partner to help you to turn new insights into pathways for healing and transformation. Individual Enneagram Coaching is tailored specifically to your life and relationships - allowing growth in self-awareness, release negative patterns, and discovering your authentic self.
  • What is the benefit of incorporating my Christian faith into Enneagram Coaching?
    Enneagram coaching can be an incredibly effective tool for increasing self-awareness and changing habituated patterns regardless of you spiritual beliefs. However, when Enneagram coaching is paired with the Presence of God, we have the powerful opportunity to cooperate with God in our Christian Spiritual formation. (Read more about spiritual formation below). When we engage with the Enneagram from a faith-based perspective, we choose to partner with God through the Holy Spirit and our authentic self is gradually revealed as we are freed from our adaptive patterns.
  • What is psychospiritual growth?
    Psychospiritual growth takes place when the Spirit of God ( present and active in the life of every believer) initiates relationship with us and calls us to deeper knowlege of self and God, providing a path to wholeness and transformation.
  • How can I actively participate in my psychospiritual growth?
    I am glad you asked! All of the offerings at encompass care & counseling– Whole-person soul care, Enneagram coaching, encompass groups and workshops– provide ways to engage with the movement of God and actively participate in your psychospiritual growth and transformational work. Additionally, the deepening practices offered in the resources tab provide teaching and tools to engage with the work of transformation.
  • What is Spiritual Formation, Christian Spiritual Formation and what is the difference?
    Spiritual Formation is th process of bieng shaped and formed, knowingly and unknowingly, by influences around and within us. Christian Spritual Formation is the ongoing process guided by the Holy Spirit, of being comfomed to the image of Jesus for the glory of God and for the sake of others. We consent to Christian Spiritual Formation as we seek to cooperate with the Spirit of God in our lives. When several people commit to come alongside one another ot support spiritual formation and prayerfully listen for God together, it is called a spiritual formation group.
  • What can I expect from a free 15 minute consultation?
    The consultation is basically a conversation where we can get to know one another a bit, and a time for you to ask any questions you may have after reading over the information found on the encompass care & counseling website. This conversation is meant to help mutually determine if we feel there is a "good fit" between your personal needs and goals at this time and the types of offerings at encompass care & counseling. If after our conversation you are ready to schedule a full-length session or plan for a workshop or guided encompass group, I would be glad to set something up and help you get started. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation here.
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