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The following interconnected supportive approaches are designed to nurture psychospiritual growth and transformation for each person through a deepening sense of self, rooted in God. Encompass care & counseling offerings can be engaged with individually or as combined elements tailored to suit your needs. 


whole-person soul care

Whole-person Soul Care invites transformation of the whole person– attending fully to body, mind, and spirit.  The process of soul care involves creating and holding an intentional space to hear from God and ponder to how God may be working in and through the circumstances of your life and relationships. Partnering with a whole person soul care practitioner means there will be support, encouragement and guidance as well as the  necessary tools available to expand your field of vision and live life with greater purpose and intention.


enneagram coaching

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation that helps us to grow in grace and practice the presence of God. We cannot change what we do not first recognize in ourselves. As such, the Enneagram helps us to wake up the ways we are stuck in patterns or habits that block growth and transformation. Enneagram coaching can help individuals identify or confirm a particular personality style with which they most identify but doesn’t stop there. Enneagram coaching allows us to step into our authentic selves and embody traits uniquely available to us as we grow in God. 


customized workshops

Encompass care & counseling offers a variety of workshops and retreats tailored to meet your specific needs. Topics include Faith and the Enneagram, Christian Spiritual Formation, and Guided introduction to encompass groups. Contact me to book an event or for further information. 


guided encompass groups

 Encompass groups permit us to set apart a sacred space to engage in genuine relationship with ourselves, with God and with others. As we practice active participation in our own faith journeys, we can become more comfortable listening and following the voice of God in our own lives. With a focus on approaching God and the Bible from a holistic spiritual perspective, encompass groups engage the whole self. .Have a group of 3 or more people who would be interested in experiencing an encompass group and wish to be led through the process? 

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